Lent, yeah Lent!


A week from tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, the day Christians start the season of Lent. Lent is a period of 40 days where we prepare for the celebration of Easter.

Christians have been doing this since way back in the fourth century. Yeah Lent. Seiously I love Lent.  Yes, all of it… even the brooding music in a minor key. I know allot of people don’t like Lent. I have heard a number of reasons for this… some say it is depressing, others don’t like the somberness of it all and on and on the list goes.  I think Lent gets a bad rap often because people stay in that place. They stay in the somberness, the guilt, the minor key of life, but what happens at the end of Lent the thing we celebrate every Sunday even during Lent is the Resurrection! Lent I think ulimately forces us to honestly look at ourselves, and inturn what God does for us, out love.

Maybe that is why I love Lent so much, because it is in fact something that points beyond itself to fantastic, life changing, world altering GOOD NEWS!

What’s Next

Well like I said Lent is coming up and this space will be full of stuff about Lent and how we are going to be preparing at St. John. Stay tuned for more!!!!


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