Ok, so its nice here

I am not going to gloat… I am not going to gloat….

My family is hanging out with my folks for a few days. They happen to be in Arizona, don’t hate me but its 72 and sunny! But I am still going to update this a bit while I am away so I don’t forget about all of you in the northern climes!

As I said in my last post, Lent is coming up and we are going to be doing some things as a congregation to get back into the word during this time. Lent for many is a good time to try out new spiritual disciplines. Some work well for some folk, others not so much. I have many Friends who swear by journaling. I have never ever pulled it off as a spiritual exercise or otherwise, but many find it rewarding. I found a few tips for journaling on the Book of Faith web site and I include them below just in case you find somthing that may spark you in your journey!


A few hints for journaling

1. Write in your journal with grace. Don’t get stuck in trying to do it perfectly. Just write freely. Don’t worry about literary style, spelling, or grammar. Your goal is simply to generate thoughts pertinent to your own life and get them down on paper.

2. You may want to begin and end your journaling with prayer. Ask for the
guidance and wisdom of the Spirit (and thank God for that guidance and
wisdom when you are done).

3. If your journaling takes you in directions that go beyond the journaling
questions in this book, go there. Let the questions encourage, not limit, your

4. Respond honestly. Don’t write what you think you’re supposed to believe.
Write down what you really do believe, in so far as you can identify that. If
you don’t know, or are not sure, or if you have questions, record those. Questions are often openings to spiritual growth.

5. Carry this book, your notebook, and journal around with you every day
during your journey (only keep them safe from prying eyes). Your Lenten
journey with the Lord’s Prayer is an intense experience that doesn’t stop
when you close the book. Your mind and heart and spirit will be engaged all
day, and it will be helpful to have your book, notebook, and journal handy to
take notes or make new entries as they occur to you.


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