Let them eat cake.

Cake!!!!!!!!!!!!People seem to love cake. I don’t.

Cake is fine and I think I know why people like it, it is just I wouldn’t cross the road to get a piece of cake, with the exception of a German chocolate cake with my grandma Glesne’s fudge frosting, for that I would cross a four lane highway. Daffodil cakes, coffee cakes, bunt cakes, fancy wedding cakes, birthday cakes, cakes made in bakery’s large or small thrill me not at all.

I am not a pastry snob in any way shape or form. However one of my first jobs as a kid was working at Fosdal Home Bakery in Stoughton, Wisconsin. No I did not bake, I did not frost, I did not decorate, I cleaned up. I washed hundreds upon hundreds of cake pans, cake, sheets, and angel food cake forms. Granted I was in Junior High at the time, but the experience has left me scared for life! Ok, that is a bit dramatic, I think it is just that I plain old don’t like cake that much, give me a just baked loaf of bread any day!

But people do tend to make a fuss about cake, they love cake they go on and on about cake. I have heard people say “oh, they have cake, well I guess I will be there!”  I guess the thing about cake for most people is mac minithat it sets the occasion apart as something special, you just don’t have cake every day! Marie Antoinette aside… Bread is a staple, it is the basic building block of many of the world’s daily diets. Cake on the other hand is well… ummm… well in the realm of our daily bread, cake is the icing on the cake… uggg… I don’t believe I just wrote that… well you get the point.

But here is my thought. In the book of faith Lenten Journey Devotions today we continued our look at daily bread. They highlighted Luther’s explanation of daily bread. “Everything that nourishes our body and meets its needs, such as: Food, drink, clothing, shoes, house, yard, fields, cattle, money, possessions, a devout spouse, devout children, devout employees, devout and faithful rulers, good government, good weather, peace, health, discipline, honor, good friends, faithful neighbors and other things like these.”  A pretty big list, in fact our devotions seem to expand that list even further with things like; the arts, health care, freedom from political and military violence (I wonder what Luther would have thought about the additions to the list!) I think I get the point, daily bread goes way beyond a loaf!

But as I looked at the lists Luther’s, which is a bit more basic and grounded, and the list from our devotions, very modern and quite a bit more specific, I began to wonder… when does praying for and accepting our daily bread become and expectation for daily cake? Even for those folks who come into St. John and get a bag of groceries are getting way more than just the basics of bread. Now no one is going to get caviar in their bag of groceries, but we do a fair job of going beyond the basics, to add a loving touch to the basics that many people so desperately need. Daily bread is in fact more that the basics just needed to keep a pulse going, daily bread is also relationships, and life, and not just life, but as Jesus puts it abundant life.

But the question just what is our most basic daily bread, and when do we if in fact we do, cross the line from daily bread to daily cake?  Because there is want in this world, there are those who do not receive for one reason or another their daily bread, be that food, or relationship or the life that God intends for us in Jesus Christ.  Maybe, as it state in our devotions, it is a distribution problem, too much cake for some not enough bread for others…


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