The Candy Jar

hands_world_smToday our devotions mentioned that “It is possible to make too much of bread.” I am not so sure of that. It also mentioned that it is very easy to confuse our needs and our wants. That statement I have no problem with at all!

Is it indeed possible to make too much of bread, well I am sure if you worked at it, yes it would be. However, you would have to limit the understanding of “daily bread” and carry it to the extreme!  However, I have already talked about the fact that bread is whatever we need for life. That is not limited to our physical needs. Daily bread also includes God’s word and will for our life. In this case I don’t think you can make too much of bread. Is God abundant with daily bread, yes. It is ours to hoard, to keep as signs of special blessing, I don’t think so… If we were to get what we deserved, we would get so very little. But God… well…

The following is my version of a story I read someplace, but I think it gets to my point of God’s gracious providing in all things and our need to share those gifts.

One fine day a young boy went shopping with his mother befcandyore going to play with his freinds. In one old fashioned boutique the mother shopped as the young boy did his best to keep his fingers off of things. The shop keeper noticed the boy and offered him a handful of candy from a large jar on the counter.

The mother nodded her approval, but the young boy didn’t make a move. Again the shop keeper offered  the glass jar filled with treats to the boy, and the mother added her verbal approval saying “go ahead hun’ take some candy.” But still the boy didn’t take any candy.

They shop keeper asked the boy: “you like candy don’t you?” in reply the boy rapidly shook his head in the affirmative. So at last the shop keeper reached in the jar himself and pulled out a handful of candy, put it in a little sack and gave it to the young man who was grinning from ear to ear.

On the way home the mother asked the young boy “why didn’t you take the candy when the shop keeper offered it to you?”

The young boy replies, “Mom! My hands are very small and if I took the candy, I could only take a few, but you see how many I got when the shop keeper used his big hands, now I can share them with everyone!

So the point of this lovely little story… When we take we may get a little. But when God gives… He gives us more than we can imagine or hold.  However, we are not called to horde our gifts, we are called to use our hands to share out of the abundance God graciously gives so that all might have their daily bread!

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