Ego Boost

If you write a blog and want an ego boost… and get your numbers up, not nessisarily your readers… than

might before you… my number of visitors sky rocketed… not a comment from a soul though… ugg…. is it that bad?

You might want to visit the site if you want to see the width and breath of blogs that are out there!

Have fun!



  1. Hi Pastor David.

    You mentioned that you haven’t gotten any comments, so I thought “hey, I’ve been reading this and enjoying it, so I’ll leave Pastor David a comment and let him that”. So yeah, that is what I am doing.

    Your blog is great, informative and entertaining…reminds me of your sermons!

    So, Thanks!

    –Alicia in Superior


  2. Thanks Alicia!

    I don’t mean to sound like I am fishing for comments. But, well, maybe I am. I would just like to know if I am clicking or if people have a question or just feel like blabbing! lol… whatever.

    Thanks, have a great week!


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