Odd combos

I can’t tell you how today’s post will go, been slogging away getting all my ducks in a row for Holy Week.  I know it is well over a week away, but for some reason people want to know what is happening in advance!  So thamusssar5t is what has been keeping be busy and will be until Maundy Thursday next week when it all actually gets better. The preperation is done and It is just a matter of, well worshiping and letting the story of Easter do its thing, I just try not to get in the way.

I would be interested if you have been working on the book of faith 40 Day Lentenmustard Journey to hear how things have gone for you. Please leave a comment, write an e-mail or gasp… talk to me in person!

Sometimes there are things that normally don’t go together and when you think about them it strikes you as just odd. But, when you finally experiance them together, well, a light bulb goes on and things change.

Now,  I am not talking not going together like broccoli and bubble gum… but things that might not automatically strike you as going to gether.  I like mustard, and until a few years ago, I wasn’t a big fan of mayo. Imgagine my suprise when I first dipped a prezle into some yellow dip only to find out that it was mustard and mayo and it was really good! In fact I am eating it right now… pardon the mustard stains….

Sort of like Reese’s peanut butter cups… ok fine chocolate and almost anything goes together pretty well! But you get my point.

musar-iii4How about this combo… you are an innocent man about to be murdered… and just before you die, and with what little energy you have left,  you forgive all those who either by their actions or by their in-action, are responsible for your situation.

Umm… ultimate injustice, and forgiveness ummm… not a combo you mustard1would ever in your wildest dreams come up with, but that is God for ya.

When we pray the Lord’s Prayer and we say these words “Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us.” The one who teaches us to pray this knows a forgiveness that is deeper than I can imagine. It is from this deep pool of love, ultimate relationship, that a forgiveness like this can be offered to all.

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