It’s about us

Just got back from a band concert at the CAL center up at the Reedsburg Area High School It wasn’t just the high school that played, the 7th, 8th, and Senior High bands all had their moment in the sun, and they all played at once for the finale.

It always amazes me the progress that these kids make up through the years… The first time you hear the 7th graders play it can be, well a little tough to hear even if your pride and joy is up there. Then comes this time of year and well, they sound better… and on it goes through 8th grade and on to High School.

Maybe the coolest thing of all is they (mostly) play together and

Not This Conductor!
Not This Conductor!

(mostly) at the right time and that is because of the conductor.

The conductor keeps the beat, and lets people know when they should come in and how loud or softly they should play. If someone doesn’t look at the conductor,

a major melt down often ensues… I have seen it!

Like this!
Like this!

A thought struck me again about the word “us” in the Lord’s Prayer. Again our book of faith 40 day Lenten Journey devotions pointed this out… we don’t pray “and save me from the time of trial” it is save “US” from the time of trial!

We are an interconnected bunch that is to be sure. And when Jesus tought this prayer he knew that. But we so often want to isolate ourselves. To pull ourselves out of relationship, because after all it is all about me, isn’t it? Relationships are at the very core of faith. They are at the very core of who God is… I mean remember Genesis… God says “let us” hmmm… think on that for a while! From the beginning this God is all about relationship.

When I was a kid a common defense for any activity that could be  judged rightly or wrongly as not exactly good was this phrase. “What happens behind closed doors between two consenting adults is none of your business.” For many that ended the argument… for me it meerly began it (I was a pain in the butt!)

Seriously when was the last time you did something that it didn’t have an impact on at least one other living soul? Ok, I can hear your wheels turning… but honestly everything we are and everything we do seen and unseen impacts us and impacts others. Maybe some of those impacts are negligable, but they are there non-the-less.

I am not saying this to set up religious police in peoples bedrooms or other rooms with locked doors for that matter, I simply want you to think about the fact that we do impact others.

celtic-crossbmpMaybe that is why I like Celtic Crosses so much. The center if the cross is the cross of course… but the intertwining strands that make up this distinctive style show how things are connected to the point where you can’t tell where it starts or stops.

In Chirst we all are connected and when one of us is brought to the time of trial we all feel the effects. In this prayer we ask to be spaired from these times so that we might all of US fully live the life Christ intends for all people.

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