True love = Cleaning the bathroom?


Does anyone like to clean the bathroom?

I don’t think I know anyone. I know several people who don’t mind it so much, but nobody who really looks forward to cleaning that essential room!

One young lady said she knew her fiance was the one when one day when she was at work, he cleaned the bathroom for her, and had continued that practice ever since!  A real keeper!

Serving one another, it can the easiest thing to do and the hardest.

Harry Wendt author of the Crossways Bible study describes Jesus, as “servant without limit.” No temptation of power, nor even the most basic human needs were enough to pull Jesus away from his service for us.

our-humble-godWe in turn are also called to serve God and one another for Jesus sake. The week a head is Holy Week and Maundy Thursday is the start of the 3 holy days. It is in the liturgy of the church “the night in which he took the cup gave thanks… you get the point. He gave us the gift of Holy Communion, but he also served his disciples by washing their feet.

Foot washing was and in some places still a sign of servant hood and some folks even practice this as a part of their Maundy Thursday worship.  For those of us in this part of the world, foot washing is well… it is just symbolic.  Today we have clean streets and good shoes, back in Jesus day sewage ran in the streets and they wore sandals. Foot washing was important, but it was also disgusting… worse that cleaning a bathroom!  So it was left to the lowest of the servants, to slaves and others of no social status (read women .)  When Jesus washed feet he was showing his disciples they way of God was the way of loving service, not of power and manipulation.

When we pray “Save us from the time of trial” we are asking that nothing get between us and God. But our pride does so easily. We are called to motivator_prudencebe humble, but the need for power and control creeps around every corner. The church is not exempt from this temptation either. The greatest blunders of the church as a whole and Christians as individuals happen when succumb to the temptations and trials of power and do not humble ourselves by trusting fully in God.

But what of the Christian life. Shouldn’t there be some perk, so bonus for living the Christian life? You might want to take a look at Jesus and his life before you start going down that road too far!

I really liked what the book of faith 40 day Lenten Journey devotions had to say about this today so I am pretty much going to copy what was there.

“If I am a child of God, bad things shouldn’t happen to me, should they? So why do I have cancer; why did I lose my job; why did my marriage break up; why does my child take drugs; why is my house being forclosed? So, God, do something to prove to me that I am your child, do something to make it right.” Jesus said no to this temptation;serveworld rather than test God’s love, he entrusted himself to God’s love.

Really that is where this petition really clicks, in our lives. “Save us from the time of trial” means when the rubber hits the road, we pray that we might trust that God will in fact  save us from the time of trial so that we might live to serve God and the whole world.

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