Ok, take a gander at this gal…

Quick, what was your first thought when you saw her?

Her name is Susan Boyle….

My wife’s first response was “now there is a good excuse for an eyebrow waxing.” (there is a long strange history behind the discussion of eye brow waxing in our family, you really don’t want to know more.)  Honestly my first reaction, was.. ufff… then I thought, now that lady needs a new dress.

If you thought less than charitable thoughts you are no alone. Check out this clip.

As these sorts of shows go there are generally two outcomes when someone who doesn’t fit the “Hollywood” stereo type step out on stage…. they will either live down to our expectations and be total “train wrecks” that we can’t stop watching, or…  they will blow your mind with their talent or ability.

If you watched the interview or have already seen one of the thousands of Youtube clips that are out there (that I can’t embed for some reason) then you know which happend here.

Gobsmacked is the word I think Susan used and I would as well. From the judges to the crowds… they were all just well, gobsmacked.

Why do we do this. I mean it isn’t like everyone we consdider attractive can sing, or has been endowed with any other decernable talent as far as I know.

As I think I confessed to at the beginning, I do judge, but I do try and back off a bit, as I have been suprized in many cases when in fact I had no right to be.

Then there those times when I have been unjustly judged. I remember when I was in college there was a particularly good looking and inteligent young lady I had been crushing on for some time. She never had the time of day for me, well at least as far as I could tell. You see I there was some prejudging going on here… You see, I am a large economy size human being, and yes I did in fact play football, though not until I was a Junior in college, anyway… I also wore contacts nearly exclusively and one day I was wearing my glasses as I had been reading quite a bit, and this young lady comes trotting down the hall. She stopped and was… I believe… “gobsmacked” She said…D D David???   And I was like… um… yeah? (eloquent wasn’t I!?!)   I kid you not these were her next words… “um… you, you look… intelligent, I mean with your glasses on” I, ever the witty one, replied “oh” and walked back into my room.

I “look” intelligent ?? gee… Thanks.

I no longer had a crush on this young lady.

My point in all if this is we miss so much when we judge so quickly. In our current culture, people of faith can not have a reasonable discussion in public because we are judged as narrow minded and ignorant. Often people with deep questions about faith and God can’t express their doubts or questions with people of faith lest they be judged as arrogant and rude.

Now that I am not guided by the lenten devotions we were doing as a congregation… who knows what will happen next!

Oh… it was also a beautiful day today… I am taking 2 days of vacation to rest up after Lent, Holy Week, Easter, Funeral and other stuff… whew!


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