The Shack

More info on this book from the Author.
More info on this book from the Author.

The Shack… An interesting place to visit, but you are not meant to stay there….

Last week we took a quick look at the shack in our Adult Forum. It was the beginning of a great conversation. In fact, the consensus of those gathered was that we need to spend a little more time on The Shack.

So… Each Sunday in May, except the 10th we have a guest speaker coming in, we will go in depth looking at the pro’s and con’s of The Shack.

There has been quite a bit of heat generated by this book, some just gush over it, others are deeply concerned over what they view to be heresies this book promotes.

Personally, I liked the book quite a bit. I also have major problems with some of Paul Young’s theology and opinions.  However, I do not go to novels to build my faith, that privilege is given to the Bible. I am not afraid to talk about this book nor to encourage you to read it. But I do beg you, do not stay in the shack.

If you have read the book then you know that would be the authors advice as well! I am looking forward to the study and discussion this book will inspire over the next month. If you have questions or comments of your own about this book or our study, please leave a comment.

Here are several links I have found that talk about his book, some like it, others loath it… a good balance if you ask me… Use your head, use your heart, and use scripture as your guide in your time in The Shack.

This is Mark Driscoll from Mars Hill out in Seattle. You might say he has a strong opinion about The Shack!

Other Links- they should open in a new window for you.
There… that is enough to keep you thinking for a while…. let me know what you think!

I will be commenting on our study over the next few weeks so please… if you will…

Post a Comment today!



  1. Well Scott, I do know what I believe, thank you very much! What I think about a novel that some find uplifting and fortifying for their faith and others think is an abomination if find an interesting debate.


  2. Oh, and Shawn I replied to you earlier… but alas… I must have goofed.
    My point is and was that what you are responding to are the thoughts of others about this book. I just wanted to make that clear. I agree with many of your points especially about living a life of humble service to the other… ALL others… that is the Jesus thing to do.


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