In the “Big Inning”

Well I have been quite neglectful of this blog in recent weeks. But I have a new passion to fill some space. If you are reading this perhaps you already know this,  this summer many at my congregation are joining me in the 90 day Bible reading challenge.  Yup… you got it… we are going to read the whole Bible this summer cover to cover…

I hope you can join us!


In the Beginning

Ok, we are off… For the last two days we have tackled Genesis up to the 28th Chapter. I can’t tell you how many times I have read these passages… and how many times I haven’t read parts of them. Yes there are long stretches of names that seem odd to us, but in those names there is story, connection and at their core, relationship. When I teach the Bible no matter the age group I emphasize the fact that Genesis is foundational. To stretch the building terminology further… they are the footings, the bedrock of faith and the story of God’s amazing grace and love for us.

In my experience there is no such thing as a perfect relationship, good ones, yes, perfect… no.

So goes Genesis. Once humanity is on the scene it doesn’t take long for the perfect relationship between God and Adam and Eve to go south. I love it when Adam confronted by his sin immediately points his finger at Eve, and she in turn the serpent. If you have ever caught children misbehaving in anyway this is nearly always their immediate response. If you have ever read a newspaper or watched TV it is also the immediate response of nearly everyone when something goes bad.

It’s classic.

What isn’t so classic, at least in our modern world is how the story unfolds later in Genesis. There is much that seems foreign, odd, and often down right disgusting. Abram married his half sister…ewwww…. but, I imagine if Abram was confronted with much of what happens in the world today he most likely would be equally grossed out. What I see etched out early on in these stories, are the themes of a people who are not perfect, these are not the Sunday School stories, these are stories of real people, warts and all. What also is fleshed out is the story of God who works with imperfection to bring about the perfection of his love for all of creation. The stories will just keep getting better as we continue in Genesis!

I can’t promise that I will post after each days reading, I am going to try, but… hey after all it is summer!

I would love to hear your impressions, ideas, questions or concerns. Just make a comment in the box below and the process expands beyond my pontifications, and that gets back to the core of relationship again, the relationship between you and me, God and his Word!


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