Slogging through the rules

numbersYou want details… I’ll give you details!

Our  90 day Bible journey in these last few days has taken us through the interesting and sometimes puzzling  territory of Leviticus, and Numbers… ahhh…what a joy!  If you are a details person, one who is a stickler for the rules, you may well love this stuff.

Me, not so much.

My wife said something like, after reading this stuff I have never been so glad Jesus came!

I agree, but there is still so much to glean from these books even in the midst of the repetition and often odd (to us) rituals and practices there in.

One of the things that really dawned on me was the repeating of the need to take a Sabbath. lv08_19Over and over again the idea of Sabbath rest was highlighted. What I also find interesting is that this rest isn’t so much about God as it is about us. Today we don’t have near so many rules, I am glad I didn’t have to have blood splashed all over me at my ordination, nor was there slaughtering of any kind come to think of it! But the need for Sabbath is still real and quite frankly we stink at it. Maybe we can still learn much from these early rule books of the bible.

Getting into Numbers I am struck with just how big this people was, Over six hundred thousand, and I am pretty sure they were just counting the guys here. So this wandering people of God in the wilderness was the size of Milwaukee! Gives you a unique perspective on what was going on, it was a huge deal, and with a size like this come rules so that this newly formed people, for that is in fact what they were, could live together.

At the root, this still is all about relationships. Relationships between God and His people, between neighbors, and on and on… you get the point.

There is much more detail that I could go into here, but if you are reading along, you know, if not, open up your Bible and dive in!

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