The Word Creates – Day 4

Seven Wonders of the Word

Then God said, “Let us make humankind in our image, according to our likeness; – Genesis 1:26a

Yesterday we looked a little bit at the Trinity. For me one of the definitive passages that undergirds the concept of the Trinity is this passage from Genesis. Back in the day when I first noticed the plurals in this passage, I was like “whoa, would ya look at that!” Let US… create in OUR, those plurals speak volumes to me. God is and has always been in relationship, that is the very basis of the Trinity.

So when we talk about being created in God’s image, what does that mean to you?

Our culture often thinks things like this.

God's humor?
Ok, this isn't what is up there but I kind thought it was sort of funny!

Or when I was a kid this was a pretty popular idea,

Or this… one of my favorites.

The "Cool" God?

Several years back there was a book called “The Shack” and it caused some kerfuffle amongst some because of its portrait of the image of God.  Granted God physically described as a benevolent “Aunt Jemima”  is a bit out there and don’t even get me started on the way the Holy Spirit was or was not described!  The larger point, which I feel is valid, is that the image of God that we are created into is one of right relationship.

To this point our devotions today state: “Just as a mirror needs something to reflect, humans cannot reveal the image of God when we are separated from the One whom we reflect.”

Sin breaks in and does all sorts of funky things to that image, we reflect other things in our world an in our lives, we often reflect our very selves, our ideas, our images of what is right, just or good. But when we do that the picture is blurred, most often dangerously so.

The Word creates in Jesus Christ as he has come to restore that image, to change the direction we focus that mirror, away from ourselves and in repentance back toward God in whom we are the fullness of what we are meant to be.

What do you see in the mirror?

What are you looking for?

If you only see your shortcomings or imperfections, or on the other hand if you only see your own ideas and feelings reflected back to you that mirror offers nothing, it is an empty reflection, yes there maybe things that are in a manner of speaking attractive, but if we are the only thing in in that mirror, than the image will eventually grow stale, and even ugly.

When that mirror includes God, the image reflected back is changed, the visible aspects may still be the same, you may still see your faults and your foibles, but in right relationship with God that reflection offers more. It offers the fullness of what God would have us be, it is in relationship with God through His creative Word that we become fully who we were created to be.

The questions for reflection today are pretty good, think about them for a while…

  • Where have you seen the image of God reflected in other people?

In the light of recent events in my home state and half way across the world I see it in the faces and actions of those who care, those who reach out, those who are there for others.  In what specific things have you seen the image of God reflected?  Comment here I would love to hear about them.

  • How do others see the image of God when they look at you?

Maybe modesty prevents us from commenting on this one, but it is a good thing to ponder. How does God’s love and image flow from you, through you, reflected by you in what you say and do. Is it an attitude; are they concrete actions of love?  If you can’t think of how this might be done, find a faithful friend and ask them how they might see this in your life. No two people reflect the exact same image of God that is the gift of God to you and to the world.  How is God using you today to reflect his love and grace to others?


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