The Word Creates – Day 6

Seven Wonders of the Word

“Let there be…”

Let there be a gathering of people!  We had a great study last night, a bunch of us who are all doing the Seven Wonders, gathered to together and shared our insights, our questions and our observations about our devotions thus far.

As these things go, it started out a little stilted, a little hesitantly, but then as things progressed, the conversation picked up speed!  Ideas, and thoughts flowed, it was wonderful to be a part of this creative process.

I always worry about how these things will go.  I don’t worry obsessively about it ,but you just don’t know how it will turn out and well I want it to be a good faith building experience for all involved.

The all part is the tricky part. You see there are those people who are extraverts, who are talkers, who have no trouble blurting out what is on their minds, filtered or unfiltered. But there are others, who are more introverted, more quiet, who don’t or can’t elbow their way into a conversation, who wait silently by, not daring or not knowing how to enter into the conversation.

Because I am one of those talker types, it is hard for me to bite my tongue to wait for others to build up steam to enter the conversation. But I try, I also try to navigate to places where it can be comfortable for those who are not normally talkers to jump in and feel safe to do so.  In essence we try and create a place where people can be heard, where ideas can be shared and where God’s Word meets us in our ponderings to guide and strengthen all of us along the way.

Creation is not a stagnant thing.

Let there be… Our devotion equates this phrase to a basic recipe that God uses in creation. From there he improvises as he creates. One of the questions last night was why?  Why did God create?   I think the key to this whole creation thing is that God desires that there be something rather than nothing.

Then after the “let there be’s” at the beginning God continues to let it be, God continues to sustain and support, to grow and nurture all there is.

The Word creates; it moves, and draws us into this relationship with the creator of all things. May you be blessed this day as God works in and through you as He continues to “Let there be!”


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