The Word Calls – Day 10

Seven Wonders of the Word


Now the Lord


came and stood there, calling as before: “Samuel, Samuel!” And Samuel said, “Speak for your servant is listening.” – 1 Samuel 3:10


If you don’t know the story of Samuel, after reading out passage today you might think he responded boldly to God’s call.  Truth is, he didn’t have a clue.

Earlier in the third chapter of 1st Samuel, God calls to Samuel 3 times and each time Samuel thinks it is Eli that is calling him.  Finally after being woken up three times by this goofy kid, Eli, blind and old, but not so old as “lamp of God had not yet gone out.” Eli with the flicker of the lamp of God discerns that Samuel is being called, and he gives Samuel ears to hear and the words to respond to the call.


Do you have and Eli? Someone in your life that has opened your eyes and ears to what you were called to be or to do.

I feel fortunate to have had a bunch of Eli’s in my life, but maybe the first non-family member Eli type person in my life was Dona Brown. Dona was my assistant when I became the Executive Director of the Meeker County Historical Society.  This was my first “real” job out of college, at least it was the first one that had anything to do with my majors!  My job was to run the museum and the G.A.R. Hall, and quite frankly I hadn’t a clue, but I was young, and full of energy and I learned quickly to listen to Dona!  She had lived in the area her whole life and knew more about the historical connections and stories of the county than any college-educated hotshot like myself.   At the time I started at the museum, I was 24, and Dona was 64, an age I use to think was old, but not after meeting Dona!

Mostly I could talk to and with Dona, and in many ways Dona helped to serve as an Eli for me. She helped to clarify what it was I was called to do at the museum and in time as we talked of life and faith over coffee on slow and cold winters days, she helped me to hear the voice of God calling me into the ministry.

Do you have a Dona, do you have an Eli?  We all need those people who help us hear God’s call, for I firmly believe that God calls all of us in differing ways throughout our lives. As a baptized children of God we all have callings, and they are often as unique as we are and sometimes we need someone to help us hear, that call that is uniquely ours…

May we all pray with Samuel, “speak for your servant is listening!”  For the Word calls you!



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