The Word: Commands – Day 18

Seven Wonders of the Word

“Six days you shall labor and do all your work” – Exodus 20:9

I think it is all “shall’s” fault.

The commandments state “Thou Shall not” and people scream “its so negative.”  Fine lets see what the Lord has to say in a positive light…  “you shall”… “Oh no you don’t, you are not the boss of me!”

We struggle with the “shall” pro or con. The point though of our little snippet from scripture today is that we are to work. While keeping the Sabbath is important, so too is doing what we need to do in a timely fashion, to do it even maybe in a holy fashion?

Something I noticed when I was younger, was that I really didn’t like “Christian” music very much.  Now things have progressed a bunch, but back in the day there were “Christian Rock n’ Rollers” and quite frankly they stunk.  No not all of them but most of them. The lyrics were while well intended, were often questionable, the musicianship; was, like as not, just a tick above Jr. Camp Councilor Hughie.  There were notable exceptions of course, but in music as I have found in many other areas, just because you slap a Christian label on something doesn’t make it automatically holy and just because it is considered Christian doesn’t make it any better or  more “Christian” than anything else.


In fact the people I have admired the most were often those people doing their jobs in the “secular” world who lived in such a way that they didn’t have to preach a word, or say “amen brutha” or nothing and you knew that they were faithful people.  The musician in a rock band who didn’t buy into the rock’n roll life style, but let his music and musicianship speak for itself.  The law maker, who didn’t piously stump about his moral majority, but who quietly and confidently crafted legislation that was faithful, and made for the good of all, those people get all my respect.

I am sold on the idea of vocation, that if you love plumbing, God like as not has called you to be a plumber, so do it the best you can to the glory of God.  If you are a Doctor, you too are called, as are the mechanics, dance teachers, farmers, rocket scientists and all the rest.  For six days we are to do our God given best, to work diligently and thoughtfully giving at the minimum value for value. Then on the Sabbath (whatever day you take it on) you find time to rest, so that you can do your best.  You worship so that you might remember where from whom all blessings flow so that you might do with joy the tasks that have been put in our life to the glory of God.

I have been many things in my life, and perhaps there was a time or two when I seriously wondered what God could possibly be up to in what was going on in my life then.  However as I look back I see all sorts of stuff!  Sometimes it the thinks I have learned or remembered were “shalls” and other times it was “shall nots” but in any case I am able to give thanks to God for everything, and in everything I have done.

May God Bless you in your work today or if you are taking a Sabbath today, may God bless your rest and may you grow in faith so that you might take God’s love into the world in all you say and do!


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