The Word: Saves – Day 20

Seven Wonders of the Word

“What has come into being in him was life, and the life was the light of all people.” – John 1:3b-4

“Before I met you I never saw the moonlight and there was nothing so long and dark as the night… My life was out of focus until your light came shining through.” – Greg Trooper “Lighting Bug”

Ok, the lyrics are not technically part of the devotional, but when reflecting our theme of the Word Saving, today they came to mind.  Ok, maybe it is a little silly with all the scriptures and hymns that we have that contain the word light in them.  I am pretty sure Mr. Trooper didn’t have a devotional in mind when he wrote and sang this song, but I see a deeper truth in those words, more than just a fun sorta love song.

We have all had them; those “long dark nights of the soul” if you haven’t, you haven’t lived long enough. It is precisely into those dark areas of our lives that the Word shines and so saves.

Time and time again when things in my life have been out of focus, fuzzy and even dark, it wasn’t until the light of life, the saving Word shown on them that I could see what was what and that I didn’t need to fear.  The Word saves in part because we are freed from the fear of the dark, for in Christ we have the light of the world and in him we can safely reach out, share our lives and God’s love with all people. It is in this light that life comes to all people in Christ Jesus.



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