The Word: Saves – Day 21

Seven Wonders of the Word

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not over come it.” John 1:5

More light!

I am not much of a morning person.  Oh, I do ok these days but it still takes me a bit of time to get up to speed.  Coffee, eh, I like it but, (and I know some people won’t believe this) doesn’t do all that much to wake me up, and as I don’t really eat breakfast, it sort of serves that purpose for me.  But I digress…

Long ago when I first emerged into “responsible adulthood” such as it is, I really struggled with getting out of bed, and I was always running late to work.  The problem wasn’t that I didn’t have an alarm clock, I did, my problem was it came equipped with a “snooze bar”.

I don’t know when the snooze bar became standard equipment on alarm clocks, but this so called “convenience” nearly ended my employment more than once.  If I remember correctly most of the snoozes I have delt with are set for about 9 minutes, 9 more minutes of blessed sleep, 9 more minutes before you had to get out of bed… or did you?

It didn’t take me long to start doing reverse math in my head. It takes me 15 minutes to get to work, and if I hustle I can shower and get dressed in a little over 10, that means I can hit the snooze one more time and still be fine….

**click** one more snooze…

Then it would go off again and the math came back into my head, well I took a shower yesterday, so I can get buy without one today, yeah…

**click** one more snooze…

Then the alarm would go off again and my eye’s opened a crack… “OH MY GOSH… what am I doing!

Out of bed I would fly, throw my clothes on, and heaven help the dresser drawer that wouldn’t open right, or the car that was covered with frost… bad words would come out of my mouth directed right at them!  When I think back to those days and how I drove to get to work at time it is nearly a miracle I never got into an accident or a ticket!

My point is this… Often we approach life that way. Jesus the light of the world has come to us, and we hit the snooze… Oh… its “Jesus” I can stay right where I am for a while longer.  Jesus call to us is indeed Grace filled it is offered to all who hear his Word. But too often we prefer to stay where we are rather than to walk out into the bright light of his love. It seems odd, but how often do we put ourselves behind the eight ball, thinking there will be a next time. Oh, I’ll volunteer next time, **click** one more snooze, Oh, I’ll lead that small group when I have more time **click one more snooze, Next week, yea, next week we will get to church, I’m just so tired and the bed is so comfy…**click** one more snooze…

Ok, you get my point!  The good news for us is that Jesus never stops calling, not even Hell itself is safe from the power of God’s love and light.  God steps up with his word to stave us not only from things that happen to us, but maybe more often the things we do to ourselves.

Where have you trained yourself to hit the snooze in your walk of faith?  Maybe it is time to hear the alarm ring and get out of bed and into the life you were made for!


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