The Word: Saves – Day 22

Seven Wonders of the Word

“But to all who received him, who believed in his name, he gave power to become children of God, who were born, not of blood or of the will of the flesh or of the will of man, but of God.”  – John 1:12-13

Adoption, it can be a tricky thing.  Not being adopted, I most likely don’t have the same perspective as someone who is.  But I have always viewed adoption as an “I choose you on purpose” kind of situation, which I would think would have to make you feel very special.

Back in the day, when it came time to draw up sides for any game in school, I almost always got picked last or at least pretty close to last. Usually this was the scenario, the teams were nearly all picked and then it was down to me, and well… usually a girl with absolutely no interest in the game whatsoever. I like to think I got picked ahead of the girl because I really wanted to be picked; I wanted to play, to contribute. But more than likely I was picked because I am a guy, I was not so much a choice as I was the lesser of two dweebs, at least I didn’t throw like a girl (yes I just said that, because in this case it happened to have been true.)  Then, one day a buddy of mine got to be one of the two team captains.  You might be thinking, “oh how heart warming, I bet he got picked first,”  I wasn’t.  I also wasn’t picked last; I was picked about 3rd I think.  The fact that I wasn’t picked first didn’t matter to me because; I was picked on purpose, I wasn’t the leftovers. I was picked because the captain was my friend and in that choice I like to think he showed me the value of our friendship.

In God’s grace we are all chosen, there are none that are the lesser of two evils… um.. yeah… we are all picked on purpose we are chosen because that is what God does. God has come to us and chosen us so that we might be “heirs” to the very Kingdom of God.

Now we don’t have to accept this chosen-ness, but I have found my deepest identity as a chosen child of God. In this relationship, I am not a mistake, I am not a left over, I am chosen on purpose.  God chooses to send His Son so that all who receive him may become children of God and as Children of God we are part of the family, we are brought in and loved and nurtured and given a future and an identity.

In the waters of my baptism God reached down in his Word and said, “I choose you!” No matter if I ever get picked first for kick ball or anything else there is nothing in all creation that can take that away from me!


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