The Word: Saves – Day 23

Seven Wonders of the Word


“And the Word became flesh and lived among us… full of grace and truth.” – John 1:14

Words do stuff.

In a word; if a word is to be what a word is, then that word must do what it says it does.


Ok, its like that illustration from My Fair Lady, when Eliza plaintively cry’s out to Freddy, “if you’re in love, show me!”  Sometimes we misuse words, we misunderstand them or just plain old abuse their actual meaning, because when it comes down to it the word doesn’t do what it says it does…

In Christ Jesus, God comes to us incarnate; that is the love of God becomes solid, flesh and bone, that is what the word incarnate means. What it does, what love really is, can be seen not only in the word, but most clearly in THE Word.

In what God has done for us in Christ we see the depths of his love, we see the fullness of God’s love for us.  On the cross God’s love was lifted up for all to see.  Did God have to do this?  Is this the only way God could have worked?  I really don’t know, but what I understand in faith is that this is the way God chose to work, so that we might not only hear the words that God loves us, but that we might also see that God’s love for us.

In the flesh God came to us so that we might know we are loved and in that love know that we are saved by the Word.

What word do you need to speak and show today so that someone might know they are loved?  I am not talking about bribing your children or who ever, so they might think you love them, but what acts of self giving love might you show them to reflect the love of God for you and all people into their lives.  I have found most often the thing that can show someone this love, is not a thing at all really. It is seeking to know them, it is being there for them, it is taking the time to be present, to be love incarnate for the other, as God in Christ is for all of us.  Impossible? Maybe by ourselves, but in Christ we have love incarnate that is there for us, may the Word be made real in you today!



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