The Word: Saves – Day 24

Seven Wonders of the Word


“…and we have seen his glory, the glory as of a father’s only son, full of grace and truth.” – John 1:14

Titles they are something. I once heard in a seminar that if you can’t give an employee a raise that they deserve, you might want to think about giving them a title.  Really?  Well, there is something about a title, or at least some titles.

The first title I remember having was most likely, son of James and Ruth.  Ok, not really, it might have been “Baby Glesne,” My folks you see, couldn’t agree on a name right after I was born, but that is a different story all together.  Regardless of what title came first, that title told you something about me. I was a baby, I was the son of James and Ruth, but I don’t think you could get much more out of that. As I have grown I have received other titles, brother, cousin, husband, father, Reverend and the list goes on.  But as many titles as I may have had or collected over my lifetime they will only tell you part of who I am.

Stop and think for a moment how many names or titles can you think of for Jesus; there is quite a list… God from God, The Son, the Vine, True Bread from Heaven, Lamb of God, Rose of Sharon, the True Light, the Rock of my salvation and about a bazillion other ones, but even with such an list they only touch on who he is.

To really understand who Jesus is you have to look at what he has done and what he still does.  To understand Jesus you have to look at his life, death and resurrection. In other words, to understand Jesus to know what he is about and how he saves, you have to look at what he does.

Just like the titles I carry only really describe me when you add what I do to them. I like to think I am a tender and caring father, a helpful, loving, gentle and compassionate husband, a decent, honorable, caring pastor.  Ok, my lens is pretty close, but my point is this to find out who I am you need to look at what I do to really figure out what I am.

Christ, God’s only Son has come to earth, become incarnate, to be with us. In his living, his dying and his resurrection, he has come to save, by bringing us into God’s family. Harry Wendt the founder of the Crossways Bible Study is fond of saying that Jesus is the “servant without limit.” If you want to know who Jesus is… that is a pretty good place to start.

As Children of God, that is only one part of who we are, as servants of the servant, we show fully who we are when we let the light of Christ shine though us into the dark and broken places of the world so that they too might share in this life, this light and this identity.



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