The Word: Sustains – Day 26

Seven Wonders of the Word

“A voice cries out:

“In the wilderness prepare the way of the LORD,
make straight in the desert a highway for our God.
4Every valley shall be lifted up,
and every mountain and hill be made low;
the uneven ground shall become level,
and the rough places a plain.” – Isaiah 40:3-4

Prepare!  Be Prepared! Gotta get your ducks in a row!

Ok, as I have officially fallen 2 days behind does this speak ill to my level of preparedness?

Well maybe.  But I have an excuse!  I have had 2 weddings and a midweek sermon to prepare, a wife to ship out to visit family,  plus I have been “on call” at our local hospital this past week.  Oh sure I knew about nearly everything that happened this week and I did in fact prepare, for most things.  There was the “emergency funeral” on Tuesday and the “surprise” baby blessing on Wednesday… interesting stories the both of them, but they are not meant for this place and time.

Anyway, I fell behind on the devotions in part because while I was prepared for most of what went on this week, something had to give somewhere and it was this. I don’t really feel too guilty, because I had choices to make and in the big picture, I like to think that I took care of, and was prepared for, the really important stuff.

During both Advent and Lent a theme is preparation. Preparation in many ways isn’t a once and done kind of a deal, in some ways it is just life. As a people of faith we might prepare slightly differently than others.  We act and behave differently.  I was chatting with some folks at a wedding reception last night and we were talking about a situation we have had at church. An inference was made that how we handled this situation didn’t make business sense. Well, it didn’t, and that is too bad for business.  You see as a congregation and it’s leadership we stepped up and did the Jesus thing as it were. We cared when the rules said you don’t have any obligation here.  In the end, it all worked out for the best for all parties.

We were prepared to do the right thing because we had been prepared by the Word to do so.  Life changes, things don’t always go the way we plan. With faith in the promises of God, when you know the future rests safely in God’s hands, it frees you do live into the fullness of the present even as you prepare for the future.  In the witness of scripture and the life of the body of Christ, we really didn’t have to make a hard choice, it was one we were prepared in God’s love to make.

Well, I have one more wedding to prepare for….


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