The Word: Sustains – Day 29

Yeah, that's me.

Seven Wonders of the Word

Incline your ear, and come to me; listen, so that you may live. – Isaiah 55:3a

I hear just fine.

I just don’t always listen very well.

Early on in our married life together, my wife figured out that if you want me to listen, really listen, to fully hear what she had to say, she need to have my full attention. This is not as easy as it may sound.  First off, if she came to talk to me and I was watching the TV it had to be turned off. Not just muted, actually off.  Its not because what I was watching on TV was all that important or even very interesting. But, because, frankly… I am very easily distracted.

If you have ever watched the movie “UP” there is a dog named Dug. Dug has a collar that converts his thoughts into human speech.  Dug can often finish a thought because… SQUIRREL!!!!  Yes, he is easily distracted, that is part of what makes him so endearing. However when someone you love is trying to convey some important fact of life, about their feelings, their needs, the fact that the trash needs still needs to be taken out, then being distracted is no so endearing, not at all.

This passage from Isaiah tells us to focus, to really listen, to draw close to God so that all our attention is focused on his Word.  When we listen, when we really hear what God has to say there is a promise attached, “so that you may live.”

There is a deep truth to that!  I have found that if I want life with my wife to be good, to be more than two ships passing in the night, to avoid conflict and to actually have life as husband and wife, it is very important that we listen to each other. Not only hear, but to comprehend, to fully understand, and to grok (that one is for my daughter)  each other we need to draw near and listen with all we are. This doesn’t mean we always fully understand each other, but to really listen goes a long way down that road and generally makes life that much more livable!

So it is with God’s Word. God wants nothing but the best for us. God would have us come to him regularly, to walk with him daily in all aspects of life, and in particular take time to draw near and really listen, so that we might live.


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