First Thoughts…

Have you ever read a phrase, from scripture, or a book, or the back of cereal box for that matter that triggered a very strong memory?  This morning as I looked at the Psalm appointed for this upcoming Sunday, Psalm 67, the phrase, “Let the peoples praise you, O God; Let all the peoples praise you.” I didn’t even get to the end of the phrase and I was humming a melody. No, actually, I was humming the Bass line from a song by William Mathias, based on this psalm that I sang in college.  Before you get to impressed, I didn’t actually remember the composer, I did a little “googling” for that, but all the words and nearly all the music was still stored in my head.  By my best estimation it has been 24 years since I sang that song last!

One of the reasons I like the song so much is that for me the music so perfectly matches the intent of the psalm, to praise God. The Organ on this puppy, is both strong and light, joyful, yet serious. For me this evokes the very nature of what praising God is all about!



Question(s):  What does praise mean to you?

How do you praise God, when does this tend to happen and what does that look like?

Please leave a comment, you can find the place to click under the video!  Thanks!



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