I am up early, earlier than I should be, but I am now officially on vacation and I want to get a couple things done before I hit the road.  I am taking two full weeks off probably for the first time in my life!  I am looking forward to it. I have a bunch of things going on, the last week we will be down in Ohio visiting my inlaws which will be great as it has been over a year since I have seen them down there.  Before that I will take my daughter down to Luther College to begin her Junior year (yikes!) This weekend before all that happens my daughter and I will do a little father daughter bonding up on Washington Island.


Washington Island is one of those places that holds a very special spot in my heart for many reasons.  I was fortunate to serve as a pastor up there at Trinity Lutheran for 6 years. Life on an island in the middle of Lake Michigan is unique, you rely on the ferry, no bridges, you rely on your neighbors, for that is all you have when the rubber hits the road.

In celtic spirituality there is something that is known as a “thin place.”  A thin place is where the distance between heaven and earth is well, thin.  The island is a thin place for me, not as much  of me and the world around me, gets between me and God in this place.  I have other thin places as well, the coast of Washington State and up in the Cascades as well.  Many people find that they need to periodically make pilgrimages to the mountains or to the sea periodically to keep their lives in balance, they need thin places to reconnect with God.

Well, now it is time to pack… Blessings and peace be with you!


Question: Do you have a “thin place?”  If so where is it?  How often to you go to that place and what is it, if you can put your finger on it that this place does for you?


Leave a reply if you will!


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