Unlikely Saints

Ok, clear your mind. (I know for some of us it doesn’t take much and others of us it is a nearly impossible task)

Anyway… Clear?

Now take a second, what is the first image, word or thought that comes to you mind when you hear the word….


All Saints Day has come and gone, but this Sunday we will celebrate All Saints in worship.

Now, think of yourself, the dipstick you saw at the grocery store, the snotty nosed kid screaming at his mother as she tried to wedge him into his car seat, the little old lady that fished out the EXACT change out of her coin purse at the Post Office, all of them and many more are likely to be saints!

Many of us think of the “hall of famers” when we hear the word saint or use it. The truth is that when ever the word saint is used in the new testament, it simply referred to believers, baptized and blessed children of God who are remarkably, um average.

I know saints of all shapes and sizes, ages and temperaments and so do you. So my question for you is what was that first thing you thought of when I had you think of saint? and who in the light of their baptismal nature, have been the saints in your life? Seriously I would love to hear, leave your comments goodness below.


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