So this Tebow thing….

Ok, it is three hours to game time, and I have a couple of thoughts.

Yes, this is about Tim Tebow.

I have not doggedly gone after every scrap that has been spoken, tweeted, and blogged about this man, but as a person of faith it has popped up on my radar. I am not by nature a Bronco’s fan, but a guy who volunteers in our office, is, and wore his very faded Broncos cap into the office long before “Tebowmania.”   So I have had a few discussions about Mr. Tebow and faith.

Over the weeks as he guided his team to the play offs, quite an achievement from the way the team started out the year.  He has been a huge part of that.  While in the spot light, as he did back in college, he uses this exposure it to live out his faith. It is his faith, not somewhat unorthodox playing style that has caused such an uproar.

I have seen plenty of folks ripping on this man’s, out front profession of faith. The infamous Bill Maher being right out front. But his reactions don’t surprise me, they only reinforce my opinion of his very narrow minded view of life the universe and everything. But what does surprise me is the bitter vitriol, taunting, and playground type comments coming from my colleagues and other people of faith.

Ok, sure some of his methods are very evangelical, and for some mainline folks, they seem a tad pushy.  As I said I haven’t followed every word, post game interview and the like, but the gist of what I have picked up is that when he “Tebows”  he is giving thanks or asking for guidance and strength to do what needs to be done.  I find no fault in this. I do not believe that Tim has ever said that God likes the Broncos best, nor even him for that matter. He is simply bringing his faith to his job, something I for one encourage my people to do. You want my opinion on this guy then you need to read the following link.

If you want my opinion of Tim Tebow and his life of faith  read this. 

(Seriously, it is a fantastic article, click on it it will pop open a new window, you can come back to read this.)

Ok, I don’t believe in Tim Tebow, he is at or below average as far as QB’s go, but I do believe that what he does while not on the field speaks for itself. He has a rare opportunity to witness, to live out a life of faith that many followers of the religion of football rarely see. Maybe that is the rub.  It’s not Tebow’s words that bother us so much, it is that he lives the silly things out.  Yes, if you look hard enough, you will find flaws in his personality, his playing skills and his theology. He is a professional football player, but one that by the grace of God has been given an opportunity make a difference in Christ’s name, and isn’t that what all the baptized are called to do?

Maybe on Monday at work, you too can “Tebow” a little, maybe quietly but in any case ask God to grant you the ability to be who you were created to be; as a husband, wife, or child, to do your job well and to His glory, to make a difference in the world around you for Jesus’ sake.

As far as the game goes, I don’t really give a fig, my prayer I believe would not be all that dissimilar from Tim Tebow’s, may both teams play well, stay safe, and win or lose to God alone be the Glory.

I didn’t have time to proof this one, either, so if you find an error, or if you find me in error, let me know and maybe practice forgiveness!


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