Lent: Just Do It!

We are into the season of Lent.  One of the topics of discussion around this time of year for folks of faith is a Lenten discipline.   In other words what are you doing, what will you do during this season to reflect on the nature of Christ’s sacrifice for you and for all of humanity?


Historically Roman Catholics gave up meat on Friday’s, and I have given things up for Lent in the past.  Chocolate, caffeine – particularly coffee, and other things are often high on the list of things that people forgo as a personal sacrifice, and to tune themselves into a deeper spiritual reflection.


But a few years ago, I began to reflect on this practice, though it can be a deeply meaningful one it can also be window dressing.  If you really like fish, (which I don’t) is giving up meat on Friday’s a spiritual discipline?  Giving up chocolate or sweets or coffee, yes these things can be sacrificial, but mostly they are good for me, so… does this really work for the intended purpose?


I then began taking things up for Lent, things that I do in to be more intentional in my faith and how it works itself out in my daily life.  Many of these practices have woven themselves into my daily life.


I think the key for Lent as it is with faith on the whole is, does it change your life?  This weekend we will be looking at integrating the Bible into our lives.  The key here is as the old Nike ad puts it is: “Just do it!”  If by giving up something it causes you to ponder your faith and to put it into action, great!  If by taking up something, it causes you to do the same, wonderful…


For Lent to be Lent, and faith to be faith, the key maybe just to DO IT!


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