Exodus 7 – 8:19

We have jumped a bit in the story, we have jumped right to the plagues.  Good thing too, because there is very odd spot back in chapter 4 I really don’t know what to do with.  It would take a whole lot more time than I have to give to a biblical devotional reflection. However I am making a note, and will get back to it some day.  You can go look if you’d like, I am sure you will figure it out!

Back to Pharaoh and the plagues, I loved the imagery of the plagues when I was a kid. The story of Moses is one of the stories that artists and Hollywood have gone back to again and again, and for good reason.  They are graphic, they fire the imagination and dear to any kids heart, they are gross. In todays reading we have the first three of them, the river of blood, frogs and gnats, ewwww.

Tomorrow there will be more, and more ewww… but that isn’t the point of this, I think the hardness of his heart is.  Now most often so far Pharaoh harden’s his own heart, he will not buckle he will not give in, stubborn dude, that Pharaoh.

Now maybe we don’t contend with plagues from God, but we to often harden our hearts don’t we, I know I do, and God over and over again sends people into my life to tenderize it, if I let my eyes see it.  Pharaoh only saw his personal interests and so hardened his heart, he wouldn’t be seen kowtowing to the Hebrews nor their God.

How often have we hardened our hearts against God’s will, against others who need us to be understanding for them and not ourselves?

Tomorrow, there will be more to this story of hardened hearts, but that is what I have for now.  Blessings on you and your heart.


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