Exodus 8:20 – 9:12

Yup more plagues. This time flies, animals and boils and more hardness of heart. Today I read from the Message a paraphrase/translation.  It is much more conversational.  Sometimes looking at scripture in differing translations can be quite helpful. They don’t have to be new either. The older translations of the Psalms tend to be much more poetic than the more austere and grammatically correct modern translations.

I liked the way the Message communicated a thought about the hardness of heart. Eugene Peterson, uses the word stubborn frequently in these passages.  Boy do I understand stubborn and I bet you do as well.

Any child of the 80’s will remember this. However I liked the band’s old name better: “Seafood Mama”!!!!!

But the level of stubborn here is epic.  I’d like to think I am not so stubborn as the Pharaoh, but then again… I may have my moments. Maybe part of the reason for this epic stubbornness is that it involves, not just individuals, but whole nations. The Egyptians and the Hebrews who were so numerous that they now qualified for that status.  Do our leaders today make stubborn and foolish choices because of the scale of their perceived influence? Could they, could we learn a thing from Pharaoh, and back down off our high horses to seriously consider what is going on, and what God would have us do rather than what our image or status deems right?


These reflections have been a little… um…  well harder to do as my laptop has not been cooperative as of late, don’t think it is a plague, but I am going to the Apple store today to help me see what is what.  I could be stubborn and keep trying to fix it on my own, but I might do more harm than good, time to go see someone who knows what is what.


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