Exodus 9:13 – 10:29

More plagues. One must have hit my laptop, logic board is toast. Ugg…

This will be short, but as these plagues go on and on and on… I find myself wondering why? Could it be as it states”so that you may know that there is no one like me in all the earth” likely I suppose, as God said it was.

Thinking logically and rationally it seems to be over kill. Surely the God of all there is doesn’t have to go through all this rigamarole? Then I caught myself, logically… rationally… no the Pharaoh isn’t starting there, he is starting from fear. Remember back to when Exodus started, the Pharaoh saw how the Hebrews were growing and he feared. That fear now grips his son, and fear does not behave logically nor rationally.

The Pharaoh fears losing power, control, and everything else. Then there is the matter of Pharaoh’s heart. Yes most often he hardens it himself. But Exodus tells us that God also hardens Pharaoh’s heart. That one has always made me go hmmmm? This question once again goes beyond the scope of this devotional reflection, but in the end it took the Passover, for it to really change the Pharaoh, at least long enough for the Hebrews to get out of Dodge.

Tomorrow we hear the story of the Passover, and we install a new Associate Pastor, I wonder how the associate to the Bishop will make this all work!


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