and…. we are back…. Joshua 1:1-11

Joshua 1:1-11

After a week away from these reflections due to computer failure and time away for some continuing education, I am back in the saddle again! And the horse is at a full gallop as we now fly though the rest of Exodus and find ourselves in Joshua.

Moses is dead, and so too are the majority of those who fled Egypt.  Joshua has been primed to take leadership of this fledgling nation. They are at the brink of crossing over to the promised land, and fulfilling a generations old promise.

I wonder what the mood of the camp is?  Excited… probably, frightened… likely, as this land they are about to cross into in three more sleeps, is not empty, there are challenges ahead and that is enough to cause anyone to fear and fear leads to doubt and forgetfulness.

God in giving Joshua his marching orders, tells him and the people to be strong and courageous, this won’t be easy, but you are not alone. Then comes a gentle yet firm reminder of  both God’s promises, and the gift of God’s law. Remember these things, and you will be fine, even prosperous and successful, because the Lord reminds us that “Your God is with you wherever you go.”

You and I may not be heading into the promised land, we may just be facing the challenges of daily life, but this is still a good reminder, study God’s word, learn from it, and most of all remember that “Your God is with you wherever you go.”

A good reminder for a Monday don’t ya think?


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