And the walls came a tumblin down… Joshua 6:1-27

Joshua 6:1-27


This is one of those stories I remember vividly from my youth. In song, Joshua fit the battle of Jericho, Jericho, Jerichooooo… and the walls came a tumblin down! From singing it as a kid to listening to a recording of, I think it was William Warfield with his big booming bass, the story sung here is epic!

It is an epic story, no doubt, but in this story there are also bits that don’t really get covered so closely in the children’s versions or the song for that matter.  Rahab for instance, if my memory serves, she is in a couple of the children’s stories that I have read or had read to me, but I am sure there is no mention of her profession. To a kid, that probably doesn’t make that big a difference, I am pretty sure going down the lane of explaining what a prostitute is and does would not have made any sense to me at the age of eight.

However as an adult, this added dimension, this little detail adds quite a bit.  In God’s big story, no one, no status, no social stigma is enough to separate anyone out of God’s love and desire for salvation. Rahab is now part of God’s story for us and we too with our faults and foibles are invited in as well.

The walls of Jericho may have fallen in spectacular fashion, and there are parts of the battle scene that make me scratch my modern head with its modern sensibilities. But as a whole this story is still epic, and I see that even then God does his most amazing work in the little details that can often get over looked.


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