Judges 16

This is the story of Samson, and in particular Samson and Delilah, and it is no romance.

Samson’s birth to a childless elderly couple is a story often repeated in scripture, a blessing to his family, and as a Nazirite, he was to be dedicated to the Lord and as such a blessing to Israel.

Like many modern hero’s Samson’s gifts of strength, were not matched with a strength of character. He may have been dedicated to the Lord, but he himself was not so dedicated.

It was all about Samson, he lived the life style, large and in charge, he had broken two of the three Nazirite vows one when he touched the caracas of a lion, the second when he partied like it was… um, ya, you get the point.

The last was his hair, a razor was not to touch it.  Well, there was this girl, one of many it seems, but this one Samson fell for hard and her name was Delilah.  Problem was she was in cahoots with the Philistines, the oppressors in our story.  She applies all her charms to get him to tell her the source of his amazing strength. He toy’s with her, but eventually he divulges his secret, she cuts his hair and he is toast

The end of the story brings a moment of revenge for Samson, and maybe even a moment of repentance. Blinded and mocked by his captors, his hair eventually grows back, and after a moment of prayer and in a burst of strength as he was being put on display he crushes what seems to be the entire leadership of the Philistine people.

This story leaves me thinking about how we have this special status as the children of God and do not take seriously the obligations, opportunities and honors of our status.  How often do we arrogantly hold ourselves above others, how often is it all about us?

Lord knows I don’t have Samson’s hair, but I do have my strengths, gifts from God, and I have my weaknesses, we all do, but today maybe we need to be reminded that in both our strengths and weaknesses it isn’t all about us?


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