So much for perfection

2 Samuel 11:2-5, 14-17

There is no other earthly king like David in the Bible.  He is the dude, THE king. Sunday we read that God would make of him a dynasty, one that would change the world.

Dynasty, wasn’t that a primetime soap opera thingy back in the 80’s?

Well the thing of it is, it was also a soap opera thingy back in David’s day too.  So God has made a promise to David, and sometimes we are misguided into thinking that God only works through perfect people.  For all David was and did, perfect isn’t a word that one would use unless we were describing another part of who he was and then he might be seen as perfectly broken.

In today’s reading the hero David shows his all too human self.  David sees Bathsheba, it seems David was a bit of peeping tom, and what he sees he likes.  Being the king, well, he fancies himself outside the rules a bit, and has Bathsheba brought to him and well, one thing leads to another…. yeah, you get the picture.

Bathsheba gets pregnant, go figure, and David is the baby daddy, problem though, Bathsheba is married to Uriah the Hittite, a member of David’s army.  So trying to do the, well I can’t say right thing, but he tries to do a thing to make this…um…. right?  He sends a note to have Uriah sent into the pitch of battle and then left in the lurch.  So Uriah dies in battle, except the way this was done, David has not only committed adultery, he has compounded the first mistake with a second on the Top Ten list by having Uriah murdered.

How often do we make a mistake and rather than owning up to it, try to cover it up and end up making a bigger mess of things?  God isn’t after perfection as much as God is after us to turn to him when we goof things up. David didn’t do this, this David has done that too and my bet is you have as well.

The thing that sticks in my head today is that God works not so much in and through perfect people, but the people we are. David’s problem may have been that he believed his own press too much, he was not a perfect king.

The good news is that God takes our imperfections and works with them, the promise of God, and fullness of David’s royal dynasty would come in the person of Jesus Christ, a very different kind of King, the only perfect king in all of history.


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