Cause and effect

2 Samuel 15:1-17 

I have often thought if I ever had a gig writing for soap operas, the stories of Israel and it’s kings would be a rich resource for plot development.

If you think that the whole David and Bathsheba thing was a messy situation, well hang on to your hat, things get  much more interesting as the story of David unfolds.

Today Absalom, one of David’s children is after his dad’s job.  The story is full of intrigue, deceit, scheming, grief and pain. Things are just nuts all over.

This story makes me feel a little better about the 10 plus political robo-calls I got yesterday and the 7 pieces of direct mail touting one political candidate or another, or rather disparaging their opponents.

Things get so bad David has to leave Jerusalem.  This is a big deal.  There is so much tied to David and to Jerusalem, that fleeing the city is a catastrophic event.

All this junk is laid out before us as a direct result of David’s sin. When David ogled Bathsheba from the roof top, my guess he would have never guessed his actions, lust and desire would lead to such bedlam.

No one ever does do they?

Sin is sneaky like that.  Just this once, just one more, no one will ever notice my small sin, its not like I am as bad as… fill in the blank.

This story is part of a much larger tale, and I think this story is here so that we take seriously our sin and its effects on ourselves and others.

This story is a big one and there is more to come, God is still at work, there is redemption, there is hope, there is love… hang on tight it is quite a ride.

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