1 Kings 1:28-31

The way things normally work when a king dies is that his eldest son would take the throne.  But as we have seen there is nothing normal about the way things work in this royal family. 

Bathsheba enters the story once again when she asks that her son, Solomon be named heir and successor to the throne. She has a unique ally in her request, the Lord through the prophet Nathan. 

The mess that was and continues to be David’s royal household leaves the whole question of succession murky at best.  Of David’s eldest sons; Amnon, Chileab and Absalom are dead or missing, and Adonijah is the next in line, and he had priestly and military support.

This is David’s household so why should any of this be uncomplicated!  The point of our reading today is not so much the mess, but the promise.  When Solomon is endorsed to take the throne, it is seen as the first installment of God’s promise to David of an eternal dynasty. 

Mike a friend and member of my congregation is fond of saying, “Want to make God laugh?  Tell him your plans.”  I know where he is coming from on this.  God doesn’t want us not to plan but to pay attention to his will and desire and most of all to trust when our plans don’t workout, He may have had a different idea. They key here is to trust that God will get you to where you need to be rather than where you want to be!

The members of the military, the royal priests and the royal family may have had plans for someone like Adonijah to take the throne, but it seems God had other plans. There is, it seems, nothing normal about God. As this story unfolds, God will use over and over again, unlikely people, in ordinary and extraordinary situations to bring us all into this story of His saving love for all, even those who have other plans!


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