It is broke, just leave it be for now.

1 Kings 12:20-24

Today we read that Jeroboam has become king over the northern tribes of Israel. Rehoboam assembles an army to reunite the kingdom, but he word of the Lord comes to him and says, “Let everyone go home, for this thing is from me.” Civil war is averted, but things will never be the same. Israel is now on a path that will continue for generations, and the division will ultimately cause this people to become what is biblically known as “Samaritans.” The southern kingdom known as Judah, begets what we now know today as the “Jew’s.”

It’s a mess. Over the years the those in the kingdoms of Judah and Israel will not always heed the word of the Lord and will fight and the distinctions and distain between the two will be ugly and at times bloody.

The idea of a united kingdom of God’s chosen will have to wait until the Messiah comes.

On this All Saints day, we give thanks to God that the Messiah has come. No amount of human activity ever seemed to help fix the mess Israel and Judah got themselves into.

The same I think holds true for us.  Often on my own instead of fixing things, I tend to produce, um… hand crafted, well intended garbage.

It is in the saving and redeeming work of Jesus the Messiah, the very Son of God that we all become saints. Not because of what we do, but because of what He has done and does still. The restoration of the kingdom doesn’t look anything like what Rehoboam had in mind, it is much bigger.

For all the saints, those who have gone before, those who still walk with us and those yet to come I give thanks to God, for our salvation is from the Lord.


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