Well this is a fine “how do you do!”

Isaiah 24:1-15

It has been about two weeks since I have sat down to reflect on the daily passages and here we get this lovely, announcement about the impending judgement on the earth! I am being slightly sarcastic of course, but we do need to hear these words.

I love the wording of the second line of verse 11, “all joy has reached its eventide.” I said I liked the wording, I didn’t say I liked the thought of all joy coming to an end.

In verses 4-6 shows us that this judgement is less a straight-out act of God than it is the result of our actions. The way we treat our earth and even the way we treat God has repercussions. The end of joy is a direct result of what we have done and failed to do. We have polluted the earth, and shattered our relationships with God and with one another and the direct result of this lack of care is that joy dies.

What are things in your life that are polluted that need care and clean up so that Joy might be restored? Where do we need to be mindful of our relationship with God so that the rest of our relationships might thrive and grow instead of wither and die?

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