Are We There Yet?

Jeremiah 16:14-21

I am not on the whole a very patient person. I struggle with watching movies for this very reason. I usually can figure out where things are going long before they get there, and I get frustrated by the time the movie makers take to have the story unfold.

For instance, (SPOILER ALERT!) Skyfall, the latest James Bond movie. James get’s shot and takes a header off a bridge into a river in the opening action scene of the movie. Well, its a James Bond movie, he isn’t going to die in the first few moments of the movie now is he?  Next there is this long dawn out period of time when they set up the rest of the context for the movie and tada! He appears once again, not exactly a shocker, at least for me.

But there is stuff that has to happen, the story is deeper and wider than fancy gizmos chase scenes and blowing things up.

In the reading from Jeremiah today once again we get this image of our persistent God. The promise is that God will restore things for Israel, but it doesn’t happen all at once, the image is that God will send fishermen and hunters to bring his people back. If you know anything of these two situations, they take time.

When the stories of our lives unfold, they do not always go the way we want, or we grow impatient with the speed of the tale. The good news is that God never stops desiring, loving us, its just sometimes it takes awhile for this story to develop and unfold.


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