Get the Garbage out

Lamentations 1:1-11 don’t know of anyone when asked what their favorite book of the bible is picks Lamentations. It is not a happy place.
It is however, a deeply faithful, and honest place.
But that is part of the problem in reading Lamentations, to hear someone fully confess and not blame anyone or anything other than themselves is an awkward thing. There it is grief and pain, just dangling out there and the plea is “Look, O Lord, and see how worthless I have become.”
It is hard to read, there seems to be so little hope.
While the hope may be little, the fact that this plea goes before God shows us that there is still a flicker of faith left, that hope has not been fully extinguished. Jeremiah, the writer of these words still clings to the hope that God will indeed look upon the plight of his people and there yet may be redemption, there may yet be a future worth living into.
As I have read the words of doom and gloom from the prophets I am reminded again that God is a persistent God, and these words are not the end of the story. Its just that sometimes these words must be said, confessed, and put out there, before the story can continue in God’s grace. Sometimes you have to empty the garbage before you can make room for a new thing to happen.

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