The Beloved Confessor

Daniel 9:20-27

How do you pray?

Maybe that question should be, how often do you pray, or maybe even, do you remember to pray?

Like as not if you are reading this, you consider yourself a God follower, prayer is to a life of faith as oil is to an engine, it allows it to function. Daniel was as we have seen a faithful man, who prayed three times a day.

In his prayers Daniel prays not only for himself, but as part of this he confesses his sin, and that of his whole people.

How often is confession a part of your prayer life?  I know that it isn’t aways part of mine. Too often when I pray, I have this long laundry list of petitions, that  are self centered and self serving. Some folks tell me they don’t like the very act of confession as it is depressing and makes them feel bad. I guess that is easy to understand.

But look at Daniel today. As he begins to pray, as he confesses, a messenger, Gabriel, is sent to Daniel and informs him that his greatly beloved.

In many ways this is exactly the way confession works. The act of confession even in private prayer needs to be accompanied with a word absolution, with a word of grace, with the assurance of forgiveness and the reminder that we all in Christ are beloved. Law and Gospel, the fullness of God’s word for us.

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