He Fixes Things!

Joel 1:13-20

My eldest is home from college for Christmas break. We were talking as we are apt to do, and I asked her if she remembered introducing me to her preschool class.  She didn’t, but I do like it was yesterday.

VannaShe had been attending Preschool at Christ the King Lutheran Church in Hutchinson, and I had just begun my internship there.  I was walking down the hall one of those first days, and Ginny the Preschool teacher was leading a little line of her charges down the hall when we met. She stopped and said something like, “Hannah, we have someone new here at Christ the King, would you like to introduce him to us?”  At which point my daughter broke out of the line walked up next to me and with arms outstretched like Vanna White on Wheel of Fortune, she said: “this is my dad.” Ginny then asked: “Can you tell us what your dad does?” My little peanut looked up at me with her sparkling blue eyes and said: “he fixes things!”

I have never been so proud!

I do like to fix things, I like to solve problems, and I think I am pretty good at it. The older I get though, the more I know there are things I cannot fix. There are things, many things, that I realize that I cannot fix. I have to leave these things in God’s capable hands. I have to trust, I have to repent and remember and return to God. Often I don’t like this, my inner two year old wants to “do it myself.” Daily I need to remember that I can’t fix everything and I certainly cannot do it on my own.

Reading the call for repentance in Joel today I am reminded of that. Lutherans understand that life is to be one of continually repenting, returning to God, remembering that in the promises of our baptism that we are washed clean and held tightly in God’s everlasting love, even in what seem to be unfixable situations.


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