Hopeful Preparation

Isaiah 65:17-25

When I was younger, I couldn’t stand Advent, this time of waiting and preparation, I wanted Christmas, and I wanted it sooner rather than later. My inpatient nature was not soothed by the fact that it would eventually come. So I snooped for the gifts of Christmas, one year I got “lucky” and found where mom and dad had stashed most of the presents, I knew what I was going to get, and so too most of my siblings.  This didn’t help. Now I had guilt on top of my inpatient feelings, not a good combination.

Christmas came, as it always does, but much of the excitement, joy and hope of it was missing for me.

When events such as the ones that unfolded at Sandy Hook elementary in Newtown, CT we long for the time when God will do the new creation that Isaiah speaks about today. We long for the time when the wolf, lion and lamb will feed together and not on each other. There seems to be so much senseless violence and madness in this world at times that we forget that there is hope, that God will do and is continually doing a new thing.

Isaiah reminds us that there is hope.

There will come a day when “they shall not hurt or destroy on all my holy mountain.” Amen, come Lord Jesus may that day come soon when all will be created anew.

Creation is a process, Gods work unfolds each day. There is work to be done, and love to be shared even in these broken times. When faced with tragedy, we are called to live lives of hopeful preparation, and active participants in Gods new creation.

We are called to hope, to love and to faithfully live out this our on going “re-creation” in Christ until the day when the sound of weeping and the cry of distress will be no more.


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