Connections to the Max

I have been out of the blogging cycle for the past two weeks with Christmas, travel, family and my out-of-whack-back. With the new year firmly in place I guess it is time to get back in gear!

I wonder if you would do a favor for me.

Now hold that thought for a moment as I tell you a story.

Some of my earliest memories are of spending time with the Teig family, Dave, Dixie, and their kids Melanie, Nathan, Natalie and Donnella when we lived in Dovray, Minnesota. We played in the hay loft of the barn, poked around in the corn crib, made mud pies, and rode horses. One of the oddest memories I have was when, I think it was Melanie, got the chicken pocks we were all hauled out there to “play” with them and as a result get the chicken pocks out of the way to boot.

Over time we moved, they moved and we connected once when we were teenagers, I remember something about catching fireflies but that is about it. Fast forward again, I am a freshman in college at Waldorf and at homecoming who do I run into, yup, Melanie!

Over the years now social media has kicked things up a notch and I am connected with most of the Teig family once again.

Shortly after Christmas a plea was posted to facebook to pray for her son Max. I had seen pictures of him and his sisters over the past years, he was a hansome dude, but I had never met him.  He had come down with the flu on Christmas and it had taken a nasty turn so I prayed. The news just kept getting worse and he was flown to Regions Hospital in St. Paul where in a few short days, his brief life in this world came to an end.

For a kid I never met, and for a family I hadn’t had any deep contact with for ages, I was floored. I got an e-mail that the family was gathering to make some tough choices, and as a pastor I knew what that meant and it just got to me. I got up grabbed my son and gave him a hug and just started crying. This doesn’t happen to me and it gave Daniel a bit of a fright I am afraid.

So here is the favor, pray for Melanie, Tom, Zoey and Jazzy, Max’s family. From what I can tell they have been surrounded by great support and love. They are a deeply faithful bunch and they placed their Son in the love and promises of God in Christ Jesus, and have been a wonderful witness.

That being said, this is tough, even for people of bedrock faith, this is not easy. So pray for healing, pray for hope, pray for goodness and blessing and memories that will strengthen and bless them even as they commend their son and brother to their Lord and Savior.

We are connected through this body of Christ, we are called to love one another over time and distane. If you know me, if we have ever met know this as this new year chugs on, I am going to pray for you and I give thanks to God for the gift of who you are and the connections we had and have.

If you would like to know more or help out in any way here are two links.


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