Ash Wednesday

Just a Note: From here though the season of Lent I will be blogging on the GPS devotionals we are handing out each week at worship at St. John.

Today is Ash Wednesday, and there are many folks on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr who are talking about what they are going “give up” for Lent. This act of sacrifice, of fasting, is good and time honored spiritual discipline, one I have often done myself. (Oh and if you haven’t started yet, get on it, don’t use the fact that you are a day late stop you, I wrote this yesterday and got busy… So as far as it goes you have my blessing to start your discipline now!)

Truth is I don’t fast well, at least not to the level of being a spiritual blessing, at least not yet, it might be one of those practice things.  But what I have found is that I must do something, in my case, I focus more deeply on my devotional life during Lent.  Much like Jesus and the disciples were getting ready, preparing to share the passover meal, and Jesus in particular was preparing to give us himself in this meal, Lent is an excellent time to prepare, to get ready once again, for the unfolding of blessings of Holy Week and Easter.


WEDNESDAY Luke 22:7-13

Lent begins today.  Luke shows us how Jesus had planned for this vital Passover seder with his disciples. Come prepare your heart for Lent at St. John’s Ash Wednesday service at noon or 7:00 p.m.

  • William Barclay notes that in Jesus’ day, “A man carrying a jar of water would be as easy to pick out as, say, a man using a lady’s umbrella on a wet day. This was a pre-arranged signal.” This supper mattered a lot to Jesus. What heart preparation helps you get the most out of being with Jesus in worship, and at Communion?
  • Pastor Hamilton’s devotional book notes that an unnamed disciple, who owned a two-story house, blessed Jesus by letting him use the house for this supper with the disciples. What resources do you have that God could use to bless others? Are those available for God’s use, when needed?



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