Supper with Jesus

Luke 22:14-20

By Nheyob (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia CommonsToday in our reading Jesus is celebrating the passover with his disciples in the traditional manner.  But part way though this very scripted, and deeply meaningful meal, Jesus begins to change the script.

This meal, and how Jesus changed the script is central to how we practice our faith. All four of the Gospels include it, Paul wrote of it even before the Gospels were written down.

In this meal, Jesus doesn’t do something unheard of, but he does do a new thing with it. This meal rooted in freedom is still about freedom. The Lord’s Supper still has the echo’s of deliverance from slavery in Egypt, just as its newer echo’s carry the theme of deliverance from slavery to sin death and the devil.

It is my understanding that observant Jew’s still understand that in celebrating the Seder that as the words are spoken and the meal progresses, you are indeed in slavery in Egypt yourself, not figuratively, but actually understand yourself to be there.

So too Jesus in doing a new thing with this meal, riff’s on this theme with his promise that He is actually present in, with and under the bread and the wine, for us.  When we gather for this meal it is more than just a memorial meal. Yes, we are called to remember, and the remembering is a huge part of this meal, but Jesus has also promised to meet us and be there for us in this meal. So as we taste the bread and wine, we remember that Jesus is there for us, in us and with us in all things!  As we remember we go back, as we realize that Jesus has come to us in this meal, we are energized to go forward into life!


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