One of You Will Betray Me

Mark 14:18-21


We’re so used to Jesus’ story that we sometimes take Judas’ betrayal “for granted.” It’s just part of the story. But imagine how stunning Jesus’ words sounded to the disciples, who didn’t know the story in advance. Imagine how you’d feel if someone you’ve worked closely with for three years betrayed you and your group.

  • Jesus, who knew what was going on, included Judas in the Last Supper. He washed Peter’s feet after predicting that Peter would deny knowing him. What does that tell you about how Jesus responds to you when you fail him? How can you let Jesus heal your wounds, so that you can show grace to those who have let you down?

I am still trying to figure out how to make this work well, so today I placed the GPS at the top before my reflection rather than after. If you have an opinion about this let me know!

As I read the first line of todays GPS, I got to thinking about the whole atmosphere around the table after that announcement.  It must have been weird. If the disciples had any notion that this was just your standard Passover meal, well… After Jesus drops this bombshell, everything has changed.

I have found that Judas has been the subject of many conversations over the years, some sympathetic some downright harsh.  Some folks I have talked with have written Judas off as completely evil, and of the devil, and so they leave him to burn and don’t give him a second thought. Others worry, they see the deep sadness of the betrayal and see Judas as a poor lost soul, but not one beyond the powers of redemption.

As I read from Mark this morning, I began to think about this again. Jesus would include Judas in His Supper, wow, now if Judas was outside of grace, do you suppose Jesus would have offered him this meal of life?

I honestly don’t know how to deal with Judas, because I understand the darker side of what he did as well.  This, and I am not saying this to be flippant, is why God does the Judging and I do not!

A second thought that came to my mind was the title for today’s blog… “One of You Will Betray Me”  Again, knowing how the story plays out… maybe I should have titled today’s blog, “All of YOU Will Betray Me.” Everyone sitting at that table will in one way or another betray Jesus. Oh, maybe they didn’t sell him out intentionally, but when push came to shove they all betrayed, denied and abandoned him.

So have you, so have I, that is simply the truth.

“All of YOU Will Betray Me.”  and yet… On the night in which he was betrayed, Jesus did all he did and gave all he is for YOU.


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