Two Gardens

John 18:1; Mark 14:36

gpsblogJohn’s gospel draws imagery from the primeval stories of Genesis, starting with the words “In the beginning…”. In Genesis 3, Adam and Eve fell into sin in a garden. Now, from another garden, Jesus goes to redeem the human family from sin.

  • “Not what I will, but what you will” are among the best known of all Jesus’ words. Yet we often quote them at times like the death of a loved one, in which we had no choice. What was Jesus’ active choice, reflected in those words of submission? In what ways do you have to choose, intentionally, to do God’s will rather than your own?
  • In Romans 5 and 1 Corinthians 15, Paul presents Jesus as the “second Adam.” Genesis 3 says the first Adam’s choice to pursue his own will rather than God’s brought a loss of innocence, and led to death. How has Jesus’ choice to follow God’s will set you on a course toward goodness, restored innocence and eternal life?

The second question from the GPS for the day got me thinking… I have said it myself when faced with situations where I don’t really have a choice. Well, its God’s will.  But when I have a choice do I give God the authority to make his will be done in my life, its a question I do need ponder.  Well that’s all I have for today… its been a busy week… we will see where we go tomorrow!


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