This is the pipe organ at St. John. It is a tracker type organ… no electricity except for the blower that produces the wind that flows through it. The fans on our ceiling help propel warm air down to help balance the temperatures and keep us comfortable and efficient!

When I first posted this picture a Steve a pastor friend of mine posted this comment… “ruach and pneuma.” Anglicized pronunciations of the Hebrew and Greek words for Spirit/Wind. Yesterdays word was Spirit, so I find it interesting that todays word was wind. Its fun to teach people to say them because they are fun to say and and some what demonstrative of what they represent. Ruach for instance… you gotta put a guttural “ach” on the end… its earthy and brisk! Pneuma, is more fluid and flowing.

That is how the spirit works from time to time. Sometimes it startles you and brings you up short like a gust of wind on a cold winters day. Other times it is a gentle spring breeze comforting and soothing.

Do you have any examples of wind that are particularly memorable?
Wind does things! In Genesis it is how God creates. In other ways it brings life, or changes to life. Sometimes wind can be destructive. Finally it can be quite beautiful do you think of wind in any of these ways? If not how do you think of it?


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